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A Girl Called Jim
(Short Story - 20,500 words)

A Girl Called Jim Excerpt
(1750 words)

USF Shoud Appreciate, Not Fight, Diversity
(Article - 740 words)

There was a Tiger named Thursday
(Children's Story - 370 words)

What The Hell
(Fiction - 780 words)

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Web Development:
At Steel Toed we offer simple brochure sites with the option of integrating blogs, shopping carts, PayPal sevices, Amazon stores and photo galleries.

Projects are part of the requirements for a Master's in Information Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology, completed 2005. They include an interactive narrative built in FlashMX 2004 with a mySQL generated help section, basic Maya 6.0 skills, arcade style games in Flash and a 3D world created in DirectorMX 2004. Please, check the Tex Avery project and Don't Eat Yellow Snow game.

Published Writing:
  • March 2002 - April 2003: Online Advice column "Ask Sensei" on *
  • 1999 Iris Newsletter: An Open Letter to Educators
  • 1997 Xerox Gayzette: Discrimination and Homophobia in Educational Institutions **
  • October 1992 University of San Francisco Law School Forum:

Notebook: My work includes vignettes on various events in life, an online advice column, opinionated essays and a short story. The short story (20,500 words), "A Girl Called Jim," is creative non-fiction derived from a personal narrative written for a Law class. As a short story I've removed the legal arguments and focused on the experiences of a girl growing up Gay in the 1980s.

Interests: raised eyebrows, going on a tangent, 6B pencils, Charles Mingus to Cheap Trick, Bill Waterson to Micheal Connelly, Isshinryu karate, be@rbricks, LEGOs and European or vintage motorcycles.

Currently located in Los Angeles -

* is no longer online, but shadows of it can be found at Most links will be broken.

** This was a paper for my "Issues of Gender and Sexuality in Law" class at Universiy of San Francisco Law School taught by Mary C Dunlap (1992)