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3D Interactive Animation

Course: 20042 - 2001-752-01 - Prof:

Exercise 1 - Due Dec 7th, 2004
Animate a bouncing ball using key frames. Incorporate the basic principles of animation including squash and stretch, arcs, anticipation, follow through, ease-in, ease-out, staging, exaggeration. Set the bouncing ball in an environment. Render the animation at 320x240, create a movie file and post.

Exercise 2 - Due Dec 14th, 2004
Animate several objects moving along path(s). Examples include blood cells moving along a vein, follow the leader (ducks?), a roller coaster, food being swallowed. Create an environment for your animation. Render at 320x240. Post a movie.

Exercise 3 - Due Jan 4th, 2005
Create an animation using blend shapes. Animate a face or heart or ??. Create several shapes (at least 3) for your object. Animate. Render at 320x240. Post a movie.

Exercise 4 – Due Jan 11th, 2005
Animate a perpetual motion machine using set driven keys. Also use an animated texture. Render at 320x240. Post a movie.

Exercise 5 – Due Jan 18th, 2005
Create a short animation to music of the assigned character. Render at 320x240. Post a movie.

Exercise 6 - Due Jan 25th, 2005
Create a skeleton. Animate a moving hold. Do NOT add skin to your character. Render a playblast with Ôheads up displaysŐ turned off. Post a movie.

Exercise 7 - Due Feb 1st, 2005
Build a simple character and add a skeleton. You may add flexors or deformers, but it is not required. Animate a simple motion which incorporates a shift of weight. Render at 320x240. Post a movie.

Final Project
Prepare research, storyboards, and sketches in your journal for your final project (due Feb 8th). Model the various elements needed for your project (due Feb 15th). Present a rough rendering of your animation (due Feb 22nd). Present final work during assigned time in finals week.
5% - research, storyboards, sketches
5% - models
5% - rough rendering
10% - final result

updated May 5, 2009